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  • Leah O'Daniel

    Leah O'Daniel

    Creative writer. Sociologist. Writing about trauma, healing, and everything in between. Old enough to have a skincare routine. Find me: www.leahwriteshere.com

  • Khushi Desai

    Khushi Desai

    Blog- https://khushidesai26.squarespace.com/

  • Jannike Nordensson

    Jannike Nordensson

    Sustainable + Self Leadership + Creativity + Writing

  • Marna Schaub

    Marna Schaub

    Former social worker, wife, mother of two. I love to read and write about issues related to mental health, personal growth, and relationships.

  • Alexandra Sheppard

    Alexandra Sheppard

    YA Author and Social Media Strategist based in London, UK. My debut novel ‘Oh My Gods’ was published by Scholastic in 2019.

  • Anum Khan

    Anum Khan

    Freelance + Content Writer I Blogger I Part-Time Student who studies English in Associate Degree AA

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