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  • n/j/s


    Poet, novelist, & sometimes collaborator with Diabolical Plots, “The Submission Grinder”. | Editor of https://linktr.ee/TacomaPoetryArchive --Print+digital zine

  • Kaki Okumura

    Kaki Okumura

    Born in Dallas, raised in New York and Tokyo. I care about helping others learn to live a better, healthier life. My site: www.kakikata.space 🌱

  • Hannah Furst

    Hannah Furst

    Single & not ready to mingle. Happily lonely. Emotionally unavailable. Manifesting the life no one wants. I use humour to avoid all feelings.

  • William Shunn

    William Shunn

    Author of The Accidental Terrorist: Confessions of a Reluctant Missionary. Hugo and Nebula Award nominee. Post-Mormon. Banned from Canada. https://www.shunn.net

  • Auriane Alix

    Auriane Alix

    Sharing some patiently gathered tips to help people vibrate on the same frequency as reality — auriane.alix.medium@gmail.com

  • Jacquelynn Lyon

    Jacquelynn Lyon

    I am a novel editor working for the company of Dot and Dash, LLC. I also have a published book out now! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GY1S1CD?ref_=pe_3052080_276

  • Suzie Glassman

    Suzie Glassman

    Climbing Mt. Everest with a keyboard. https://bit.ly/3vEztLS to follow. suzieglassmancoach@gmail.com to chat.

  • Jocelyn Broadwick

    Jocelyn Broadwick

    Highly Problematic

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