Recommended Reads from the Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From

A surprising top 10(ish) countdown

Margery Bayne
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After seeing someone else write a similar article, I trekked through my own Goodreads records and calculated which authors I had read the most books from. From the outset, I suspected that it would be a lot of children’s and YA authors with series that I read as a tween, teen, and — yes — even adult. (I’m a librarian — I read in all genres). And I was correct! They did top the list, but it didn’t mean I didn’t find some surprises along the way.

This was supposed to be a top ten, but too many ties made it mathematically impossible

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Honorable Mention: Gillian Flynn — 4 books

Part of my Goodreads survey revealed that I’ve read four books by a lot of authors. However, four books in Gillian’s Flynn’s case is 100% of the books she has published. I would read more if she had them! Gillian, what’s going on? I need more of your twisted psychological thrillers!

Gone Girl is great, and I am obviously not the only person who thinks so considering its bestseller status and movie adaption. However, I have heard a number of people say they didn’t finish it because the beginning is boring and slow. Yes, the beginning is slow, but it so pays off. When you get halfway through the book there is a twist that will blow your mind. So if you gave up on it once, try it again. It’s worth it. If you want a faster read by Flynn, try out Sharp Objects.

Tied for 8th: John Green — 6 books

Author and wholesome internet personality, I’m introducing no one to John Green at this point. My opinion on his books varies from meh (An Abundance of Katherines) to openly weeping (A Fault in Our Stars). But my book recommendation for John Green is different from his typical fair:

Anthropocene Reviewed is a book of micro-essays reviewing elements of our modern age in which Green weaves facts and personal connections about…



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